Guaranteeing the effectiveness and harmlessness of sensible medical products and pharmaceuticals must fulfill particularly high standards with respect to the cool chain management.

Due our specialization to temperature-controlled transports one of our core competencies is the realization of individual transport concepts. We are now in a position that we have the majority of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies among long-term customers.
Adherence to the highest quality standards is essential if the expectations of external customers are to be met to enable flexible transport solutions according to respective needs of our customers to guarantee both relevant necessary execution and short-term availability reliably and efficiently.

You can profit from our expertise and practical experience during transport-led transports with healthcare and pharmaceutical transports:

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the vehicles after each transport
  • Efficient fleet with Volvo trucks of the latest generation (maximum age is 2 Years)
  • Complete monitoring and funk monitoring theft protection of the freight
  • Demand of the arrival time of your freight with our GPS based e-logistic tool
  • 24/7: Service and availability for our customers during the entire transport