Modes of Transports

Special deliveries

The mestur been an established provider of national and European transport solutions. The core competency of our company lies in special deliveries.
The mestur characterizes quality and innovation, speed, reliability, flexibility and a close working relationship with customers.


Based on our knowledge and experience to the relevant conditions on site as well as our detailed planning options we provide effective, solutions for timed freight-land transport which are often more cost-effective in comparison with multimodal freight transport.

BI-Thermo transports

Our vehicles are designed for temperature-controlled mono, bi-thermal and double-stack pallet transports. 33 pallet spaces / double-decker loading are possible. Partitions for different temperature zones allow a different equipment of the semitrailers.

Sea freight

Modern sea transports begin and end beyond the port since the final destination usually will be reached with subsequent transport via railway network, via LKW or barge. We are also a reliable, punctual and cost-effective partner for sea-freight transports and shipment.

Partial loadings

Partial loadings do not completely exhaust the cargo hold. However, due to special requirements or specifications (on sensitive cargo) they cannot be handled, so that they can be transported together with other part loadings or groupage on a mode of transport.

Double deck transports

So called double decker loading systems used with not stackable freight for effectively utilizing freight space whereby first and foremost is the perfect security of the freight.