Particularly the transport of foods is subject to a variety of legal restrictions and requirements as well as partly international standards, whereby temperature controlled food transports can be executed within a temperature range of -25 degrees Celsius up to +25 degrees Celsius.

Our vehicles are designed for temperature controlled mono-,
Bi-thermos and Double Stack pallet shipments.
33 pallet bays included.
(Double deck loading) possible. Partition walls separate the room into different temperature zones, enabling various types of products to be stored.

Powerful cooling systems from renowned manufacturers ensure a constant temperature which we always document verifiably with our temperature and recording system. We can transport in the temperature range of -25 degrees Celsius up to +25 degrees Celsius.

Also with sensitive temperature-controlled food transports, we enable our customers flexible transport solutions by adherence to our own very high safety standards according to each customer’s respective requirements to guarantee a professional transport consultation and execution from collection up to delivery.